11 April, 2016

STARS and SPACE for high school students

To observe the 55th anniversary of the Humane Space flight (April, 12) and the Global Astronomy Month (April) the Window on America Center (Dnipropetrovsk / Ukraine) invited the students and teachers from the next door school to talk about Stars and Space.
Dnipropetrovsk can boast to be the Space Capital of Ukraine. So we started our presentation with the basics of space travel – the Solar system planets’ names. The students enjoyed the “Planets song” video and sang along with it.
The group was offered a custom-made quiz about space toponyms in Dnipropetrovsk. We talked about the city streets and monuments named after planets, cosmonauts, space engineers, etc.
At the end of the session the students were offered several NASA videos about the space food industry in the USA and the way the astronauts eat on the International Space Station.
The WOA’s presentation provided a lot of educational information in several subjects (physics, astronomy, literature, local history).
Number of participants – 16  persons (13 students + 3 teachers).
Have a look at more pictures, please

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