16 April, 2016

American Art Residence: concert «Jazz: yesterday, today, and forever»

Music is always with us. Music fills us with energy and sets the pace of life. It relieves loneliness and gives confidence. Music makes it possible to release emotions and make the right decisions in difficult time. DOUNB library continues its cooperation with in Dnipropetrovsk. Once again "American Art Residence in Dnepropetrovsk" invited the people who love music. 
The DOUNB Library Art Department hosted a musical performance «Jazz: yesterday, today, and forever» by the Mykola Hlynka Academy students: jazz musicians and singers. The show was compared by Anna Savonyuk, the music history specialist. The musicians were welcomed by the DOUNB library staff. Svetlana Ponomarenko, the Head of the Art department, invited the visitors to enjoy the colorful painting exhibition currently in display. Svetlana Usenko, the Head of the WOA Center, reminded the patrons about the free resources for the English language study.

The program "Jazz: yesterday, today and forever" was prepared by Ms. Iryna Riabtseva - the musicologist, Ph.D., professor of Mykola Hlynka Academy of Music (Dnipropetrovsk ), member of the National Composers’ Union (Ukraine). One of the reasons to start the "Art Residence project" was the numerous requests from the GABFEST Club members who love both music and American culture.
The English learners were introduced to the interesting facts in jazz history. They were carried away by the live music and wonderful voices of the jazz singers. 

Our American friend- Mr. Jason Rush who enjoys volunteering at the WOA Center and helps Ukrainians to improve communication skills in English, was pleasantly surprised by the high level students’ performance. The program contained numbers of classical and modern jazz. Piano and sax players, singers presented popular instrumental plays and English songs. The grateful audience gave the student performers a round of the applause.
The day ended with a friendly tea ceremony with new friends. Our further partnership was one of the topics for conversation.
Number of participants – 53 persons.
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