31 May, 2013

Study in USA

The WOA Dnipropetrovsk continues its project “Study in USA”.
On May, 31 the centre was visited by a group of students from the National Metallurgical Academy. Their major was “Technical Translation”. The Academy’s English language lecturer Mrs. Oleksandra Myrgorodska  is a long-time partner of the Window on America.
The theme of the lecture was “Education in the USA”. The WOA head Svitlana Usenko informed the students about the educational system of the United States and formalities for the students who decide to study there. Numerous paper based resources were presented to the group: brochures of the universities, reference books on majors, exchange programs, tests’ preparation manuals, etc .
The WOA staff member Tamara Gavryliuk   has demonstrated   a graph about the Educational system of the USA. Several videos from the “Education USA” You Tube channel were demonstrated.
The students listened to the CIS students interviews about the Opportunity Grants. Other videos explained the benefits of studying in the USA. While watching   these videos with English subtitles the students practiced their auditing skills, enriched their vocabulary with   a dozen of new terms relating to the topic “Post-secondary Education”, and learned new things about American educational culture.
The library books on translation theory, technical translation and interpreting were also presented to the group.
This educational, illustrated with visual aids session was thoroughly enjoyed by the future translators.
Number of participants 10.

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29 May, 2013

About Schmidt

The film About Schmidt  (2002) was presented to all who wish to improve their language skills.
Plot: A man upon retirement embarks on a journey to his estranged daughter's wedding only to discover more about himself and life than he ever expected.
Director: Alexander Payne
Writers: Louis Begley (novel), Alexander Payne (screenplay),
Stars: Jack Nicholson, Kathy Bates, Hope Davis

25 May, 2013

JFK’s Library and Museum

Today’s session of the GABFEST Club (at Window on America center Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine) was dedicated to two important dates in May:
-    The Europe Day ( celebrated on May, 18)  and cultural diversity  issues in Europe 
-    the anniversary of the 35th President of the USA – John F. Kennedy  (celebrated on May, 29).
Before the start of the conversation the book display about JFK and his family was presented to the club members. The slide show on the JFK’s biography was demonstrated. The Club members learned several curious facts about the US president.  The group was introduced to the web site of the JFK’s Library and Museum. The site incorporated a very interesting feature – an interactive President’s table. We have virtually “explored” the table and discovered several very interesting objects. Our American guest Mr. David was kind enough to explain tricky things and introduce many cross cultural  details  in his comments.
The second topic of the day was a discussion about the cultural diversity phenomenon. We tried to answer a set of questions on this issue compiled by the HR office of a US college. In the discussion we have touched the benefits and disadvantages of cross cultural diversity in the study or work environment. The cultural diversity situations in the USA and in Ukraine were compared.

The session was educational and the new comers were positively impressed.
The number of participants – 17 persons.


24 May, 2013

“The Last School Bell” ritual.

On May 24 the WOA staff was invited to the event very important to our community neighbor – Dnipropetrovsk American-Ukrainian Lyceum.  AUL is an integral part of the National mining University and is located next door to the WOA centre. The Lyceum students often visit the WOA’s facility, some of them become activists of the WOA’s Clubs.

The end of May in Ukraine is the end of the school year. In all schools there is a tradition to organize a big event to mark this day – the so called “The Last School Bell ritual. This event is of particular importance to the graduates. For them not just summer holiday season, but a new stage in life begins. The graduates are in the focus of the event. They are dressed very formally with the special decoration – a red ribbon across the shoulder signed The Graduate”.

At the event the graduates’ representatives make appreciation speeches thanking their teachers and the Lyceum administration for the valuable gift of knowledge. This event is an opportunity for the school administration to honor the achievements of the best students. Valuable gifts and letters of appreciation are handed in to the winners of scientific Olympiads in many subjects. AUL can boast a big number of winners in the English language Olympiads – both city and oblast level.

The Last school Bell ceremony at the American-Ukrainian Lyceum was very emotional for all the participants and spectators.

WOA Dnipropetrovsk wishes all the AUL graduates   marry graduation party and good luck at the graduation tests!

22 May, 2013

Little Women

“Wednesday Movie Club” - «The story that has Lived in our hearts For generations, Now comes to the screen For the holidays».
At the Window on America center in Dnipropetrovsk the film Little Women (1994) was presented to all who wish to improve their language skills.
Plot: The March sisters live and grow in post-Civil War America. With their father away fighting in the Civil War, Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy grow up with their mother in somewhat reduced circumstances. They are a close family who inevitably have their squabbles and tragedies. But the bond holds even when, later, men friends start to become a part of the household.
Director: Gillian Armstrong
Writers: Louisa May Alcott (novel), Robin Swicord (screenplay)
Stars: Winona Ryder, Kirsten Dunst, Claire Danes
The number of visitors – 5 persons.


Mrs. Valentina  prefers the WOA center’s   encyclopedias!

She is absorbed into preparations for the lesson on natural disasters.


On May, 22, 2013 the WOA Centre Dnipropetrovsk was visited by a group of students from the National Mining University. The students major in economics and financing.
The WOA Head Svitlana Usenko showed the video on the history of the facility.
The free resources of the WOA Centre were introduced to the group – the software and on-line resources for the English language study recommended by the US State department. The donated gadgets iPad and Kindle were presented to the audience.
The students were invited to join the WOA’s popular Clubs:
-    The Movie Club
-    The English-speaking Club GABFEST.
The Movie Club allows the participants to check their English auditing and comprehension skills. Regular visits of foreign guests to the Gabfest Club allow to improve one’s English speaking skills.
Number of visitors – 16 persons.

18 May, 2013

People and homeless animals

Today’s session of the Gabfest speaking club (at Window on America center Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine) started with the surprise.
Today we had a very interesting American guest – Mr. David Poehner, who came to Ukraine from the state of Oregon. He told us everything about his activities in our city, about the organization, which takes care of homeless animals, especially dogs. We talked about the difficulties in giving shelter to these animals, because they are abandoned and very few people take care of them. We discussed and compared the conditions of animals' living in Ukraine and West European countries, and it appeared to be almost similar. David Poehner showed us pictures of these animals .The Animal shelter is situated in the city suburb. Our guest asked if anyone of the people present at  the club’s session would like to join him in his activities.
We all enjoyed the meeting with such an interesting American guest and hope he will come again to our speaking club.
The number of visitors – 16 persons.

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15 May, 2013


At the Window on America center in Dnipropetrovsk  Pianist (2002) – 134 min. was presented to all who wish to improve their language skills.
Plot: A Polish Jewish musician struggles to survive the destruction of the Warsaw ghetto of World War II.
Director: Roman Polanski
Writers: Ronald Harwood (screenplay), Wladyslaw Szpilman (based on the book by)
Stars: Adrien Brody, Emilia Fox, Frank Finlay

Librarians at WOA

Mrs. Marina A.,  the  librarian from a provincial library in Dnipropetrovsk region,  is exploring the materials about the Florida state. She has a special interest in it – her friend has recently moved to this world famous  tourist destination.
The Head of the Window on America center Dnipropetrovsk Svitlana Usenko met the group of  librarians (Dnipropetrovsk district libraries).
She told about the DOUNB library electronic catalog, free resources for learning English and most popular activities of the Window on America center.
She informed the librarians about the free resources available on-line and recommended by the US State Department:
- Rosetta Stone software
- the software Trace Effects
- on-line resources (American Online English, Voice of America The Classroom…) for the English language study recommended by the US State department.
The donated gadgets iPad and Kindle were presented to the audience.
The number of participants – 6 persons.