21 April, 2016

Space Art Therapy

The “Year of English” events continue and the "Window on America" Center staff finds new sites for presentations. This time “The Space Capital on the Dnieper River" presentation was offered in English to the students of school № 54.
The school events coincided with English Year in Ukraine, the observation of the Global Astronomy Month (April), and the International Day of Human Space Flight (April, 12).
The Window on America Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine) staff has prepared for senior students a presentation and big screened YouTube videos in English about astronomy and the Solar system planets.
A custom-made quiz about space toponyms in Dnipropetrovsk was offered to the students. The children had to guess the names of Dnipropetrovsk streets that are connected with the topic “Space”. The eligible streets and buildings were named after planets, space objects, space heroes, space engineers, astronomic phenomena, etc. They had to tell where in Dnipropetrovsk one can provide space research and touch space equipment. A set of questions dealt with the space connected monuments located in Dnipropetrovsk.
The topic was illustrated with the NASA videos about the International Space Station (ISS), the Space food Industry and its influence on modern food technology.
The WOA’s presentation provided a lot of educational information in several subjects (physics, astronomy, literature, local history).
The 3rd year students listened to the English songs and learned new words – the names of the planets. After that all of them participated in a drawing contest with great enthusiasm. This kind of "Space Art Therapy” was quite enjoyable !!!)))
Number of participants – 48 persons.
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