09 November, 2017

Interest in Basic English

Today Window on America center had a new-comers that got interested in the opportunity to study English in the new format.
The Window on America center offers the library patrons an “Express English” activity that will help adult students to learn the basics of the English language.
The new patrons were informed about the DOUNB’s resources and modern services.
Come to get the basics of the English language at the DOUNB Library!
Participant numbers – 25 persons.
Presenter: T. Gavryliyuk.
Pictures: S.Usenko.

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08 November, 2017


Today the Wednesday Movie Club members were offered big-screening of the film The Gambler in Dnipro Window on America center, Ukraine.
The Gambler (2014) is a remake of the 1974 film written by James Toback. It is an American crime drama directed by Rupert Wyatt. The screenplay by William Monahan, starring Mark Wahlberg as the title character.
The critics think, "well-paced and reasonably entertaining in its own right, The Gambler still suffers from comparisons to the James Caan classic that inspired it”.
Jessica Lange's performance in the film has received critical acclaim. James Berardinelli from ReelViews described her as "heartbreaking as the cold, rich widow who blames herself on some level for her son's failure."

07 November, 2017

Dr. M. Krause visit to WOA Dnipro

«Window on America Center» (Dnipro, Ukraine) was visited by  the «Windows on America» project manager, the representative of the US Embassy in Ukraine, Doctor of Information Sciences, Ms. Magia Krause. She inspected the WOA center, the DOUNB Library departments which host WOA’s events, met the DOUNB Library director  Ms. Nadia Titova, the center's staff members Svitlana Usenko and Tamara Gavryliuk.
 Dr. Krause reviewed the statistics that give the idea of the Center’s work, gave advice on planning future events.
The highlight of the visit was a presentation for WOA’s Express English students – «Discovering America through Pictures». After presentation the English learners had a Q@A session with our American guest. Ms. Krause answered a wide range of questions. The most fluent English learners came over to Ms. Krause to express gratitude for the meeting. They also expressed appreciation of the US Embassy’s project “Windows to America" (Ukraine). They   think, it’s a wonderful resource for studying   American culture and American English.
Participants number – 45 people.

05 November, 2017

To the International Student’s Day

This afternoon the GABFEST speaking club session (Window on America center in Dnipro, Ukraine) was attended by our American volunteer – Mr. Jason.

As the topic of the session was “International Students’ Day” we have asked our guest about his work with students in Ukraine. Mr. Jason spend a lot of time as a native-speaking teacher of English with young and adult learners. We asked him to name the most striking differences between the students in Ukraine and in the USA. Once a difference was named the club members tried to explain to our foreign guest why that particular difference exists. University students present at the session named the most typical features of a Ukrainian student and explained them to our US guest.

Another guest at the session was Mr. Mikhail who shared his experiences about the student exchange “Work and Travel USA” several years ago. The Club members had fun listening to the stories about work opportunities in Alaska at fish processing plants.
The session was educational as well as: the participants   learned quite a few idiomatic phrases and new words relevant to the topic.
Participants number – 35 person.

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04 November, 2017

The Old Man and the Sea - the 65th anniversary

This afternoon the Window on America center in Dnipro was visited by a mixed group of NMetUA students and NMetAU teachers (Myrgorodska Oleksandra and Pavlienko Anna). 

This group has been studying English through the great writing by E. Hemingway, which brought his author the Nobel Prize. It is The Old Man and the Sea. In the course of studies, the students a bi-lingual (English and Ukrainian) edition of The Old Man and the Sea. This very edition allows reading the original and comparing the professional translation with the own decisions. The translation was made in1974 by Volodymyr Mitrofanov and published by Dnipro Publishers (Kyiv) in 1991 with wonderful illustrations by a Ukrainian artist Mykola Pshinka.
We briefly looked through E. Hemingway’s milestone facts with the presentation of the WOA and watched the beautiful cartoon film, a screen version of The Old Man and the Sea by E. Hemingway. We discussed the themes touched in the novel: the teacher and the student, the life and the death, relations between the generations. We even tried to act as the actors and played the dialogue as if we were shooting a new screen version of the novel. The students had a good opportunity to exchange the ideas about the novel with Mr. Jason, an American volunteer who also decided to participate in the class. 

We continue working with the novel. What did the fisherman do with the marlin’s head? Why did everything in the old man’s house was old and dirty though he was strong enough to do the jobs around the house?
Participants number – 6 person.

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31 October, 2017

Autumn School Break with the DOUNB Library and DniproWOA

The students of the local school №28   know how to combine “business and pleasure” – during the autumn break from school they usually visit the "Window to America" Information and Resource Center.  Today they started with a book display of WOA’s English-language dictionaries. Paper-based dictionaries sometimes provide more information than on-line dictionaries.
 After that the students got acquainted with the biography of the famous American lexicographer Noah Webster. His achievements were so outstanding that a national holiday was introduced in the USA - the Dictionary Day. The kids were impressed by the fact that 100,000 copies of the English textbook by Noah Webster were published; 5 generations of Americans studied the language with its help.

At the end of the meeting, the group was offered information on the principles of academic integrity – they learned the etymology and meaning of the word "plagiarism". We analyzed several examples of plagiarism which Ukrainian students practice. The students promised to be careful and virtuous while making their school projects.
Participants number – 15 persons.