09 April, 2016

Ukrainian Space capital

Today’s session of the Gabfest Club (at Window on America center Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine) was dedicated to the observance of the Global Astronomy Month (April) and International Day of Human Space Flight (April, 12).
The first part of the session was dedicated to the experience of the Club members in astronomical observations. Several people shared their experiences of watching astronomical events: solar eclipses, meteor showers, lunar eclipses and others. The new vocabulary was introduced as well as the names of the Solar system planets in English. The group was offered a Discovery channel on-line quiz about comets and meteors. Brain storming resulted in 9 scores out of nine! But it was a quiz for kids!
In the second part of the session we focused on the space history of our home town Dnipropetrovsk. A custom-made quiz about the space related toponyms of the city was offered to the group. The presence of our American volunteer Mr. Jason allowed the club members to demonstrate both their English skills and the local history knowledge. They had to explain to him the stories of the persons mentioned in the quiz – Soviet cosmonauts, academician Yangel, etc.
Several fun facts were discovered in discussion – the popular novel “The Little Prince” was first published in the USA. The animals were launched into space both in the USA (chimpanzee Ham) and in the Soviet Union (dogs Belka and Strelka).
The session was funny and educational. The club members left proud of their home city – the Ukrainian Space capital.
Number of participants – 33 persons.
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