31 October, 2017

Autumn School Break with the DOUNB Library and DniproWOA

The students of the local school №28   know how to combine “business and pleasure” – during the autumn break from school they usually visit the "Window to America" Information and Resource Center.  Today they started with a book display of WOA’s English-language dictionaries. Paper-based dictionaries sometimes provide more information than on-line dictionaries.
 After that the students got acquainted with the biography of the famous American lexicographer Noah Webster. His achievements were so outstanding that a national holiday was introduced in the USA - the Dictionary Day. The kids were impressed by the fact that 100,000 copies of the English textbook by Noah Webster were published; 5 generations of Americans studied the language with its help.

At the end of the meeting, the group was offered information on the principles of academic integrity – they learned the etymology and meaning of the word "plagiarism". We analyzed several examples of plagiarism which Ukrainian students practice. The students promised to be careful and virtuous while making their school projects.
Participants number – 15 persons.

30 October, 2017

Music that builds bridges between cultures.

Patrons of the DOUNB Library and the "Window to America" Center are accustomed to various events that allow them to meet English-speaking guests of the city.
 But the meeting on October 30 was special - the US Embassy's diplomat Sean O'Hara visited us with an informal visit. Mr. O’Hara is a diplomat and cultural affairs attaché with the US Embassy in Ukraine, but he is also an amateur jazz musician. All afternoon Mr. O'Hara used the jazz language of his alto-saxophone, he learned to play it in school years. Besides he plays Hawaiian guitar and can perform a popular Ukrainian folk song "You tricked me!".
 Mr. Sean demonstrated a slide presentation which introduced the audience to jazz and its founding fathers – Ben Goodwin and Louis Armstrong; He performed selected musical fragments in which basic jazz elements (swing, syncopation and others) were demonstrated to the audience.
The real fun was an attempt to create a human jazz band (imitating the sounds of musical instruments). All the band members enjoyed the process, clapped their hands and smiled.

At the end of the session Mr. Sean answered the questions, told about himself, his life-long friendship with music and his diplomatic mission in Ukraine. He urged the group to monitor the ads and attend the show of the Broadway dance team that will visit Ukraine soon! Professional dancers can attend the casting and receive a chance to join the Broadway team.
The DOUNB Library director, Ms. Nadiya Titova city, gifted library memento’s to Mr. Sean to commemorate his visit to Dnipro city. A DOUNB Librarian Ms. Alexandra   performed for him a violin number – a popular rock composition.
The meeting with the American diplomat was arranged in partnership with the Dnipro Academy of Music at the American Art Residence of DOUNB Library. It was a pity that only few students could make it to the session. Student Katerina Dyomina sang a popular jazz piece.
The JAZZ event participant experienced no language barriers.

Mr. Sean talked to all the participants who came over to communicate with him. Several persons were complimented for their   good command of English. Knowledge of English these days is essential, especially now when Ukraine’s economic and social reforms are supported by the European Union, the USA, Canada, Australia .
Photo by Svitlana Usenko and Galyna Shevtsova.
Participants number – 63 persons.

10 October, 2017

Activate English group 7.2. - 7.3. - 7.4.

on October, 10  – Activate English group 7.2. at Dnipro Window on America center.
on October, 17  – Activate English group 7.3. at Dnipro Window on America center.
on October, 24  – Activate English group 7.4. at Dnipro Window on America center.

The DOUNB Library and the Window on America Dnipro center offer the library patrons an “Express English” activity that will help them to activate their passive knowledge of the foreign language and to overcome the fear of speaking in English.
Ten two hour- lectures are offered for the participants to improve their conversational skills in pairs.
The professional EFL lecturer T. Gavryliuk combines the lexical exercises with important cross-cultural information that will help the English learners to understand their foreign counterparts better and to avoid awkward situations in communication.
On the second session of the Activate Group – 7 students introduced themselves and asked questions. The second part of the session was dedicated to the phrases which help to talk about one’s HOME.
All the participants found the session educational and helpful.
Number of participants – 29 persons.

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09 October, 2017

Fundamentals of Academic Integrity Project for schools students

on October, 9 and 10 – "Fundamentals of Academic Integrity" Project for schools students.
"Window to America" Information and Resource Center has many partner schools in Dnipro city. For school students we offer events that improve their English skills.
 But this academic year the WOA staff started to familiarize students with the concepts of "plagiarism" and "academic integrity." The Window to America Head Svetlana Usenko presented a slide show aimed to emphasize to the students that knowledge acquisition is hard and independent work they should do on a daily basis. In senior classes students begin to write scientific papers for different projects, they will need to prepare themselves for the Final Tests and University studies. The ability to distinguish plagiarism from non-plagiarism, familiarity with the quotation rules, and the awareness of the codes of honor in colleges – all these steps will lead today’s school kids to a successful career.
The participants number – 11+8 people.
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Have a look at more pictures, please

The Old Man and the Sea

on October 9/10-
“The Old Man and the Sea”- the 65th anniversary.
This afternoon the WOA Dnipro was visited by a group of students from school No. 141.
They listened to a presentation about the popular E. Hemingway’s book. The information was illustrated with the YouTube videos about the writer and his novel. We focused on the most important things that one must know about the novel.
The highlight of the presentation was the DOUNB Library’s book – a bi-lingual (English and Ukrainian) edition of “The Old Man and the Sea”. It was translated in1974 by Volodymyr Mitrofanov and published by Dnipro Publishers (Kyiv) in 1991 with wonderful illustrations by a Ukrainian artist Mykola Pshinka.
The students were impressed with the story and the symbolism of the novel. Some of them promised to read the original novel.
Participants number – 11+8.

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07 October, 2017

World Tourism Day

This afternoon the topic of the English Club conversation in Dnipro Window on America center was World Tourism Day. It is a UN observance on September, 27. In the framework of the “International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017” the theme for this day was «Sustainable Tourism – a Tool for Development".
The group started with the easy discussion about the Tourism Day logo and its symbolism. We further moved to more complicated topics – global tourism statistics, what is sustainable tourism, what   a responsible tourist should do when visiting other countries, etc.
The highlight of the session was the visit of the US guest to Ukraine Mr. Nathan. The group watched the Ukraine’s Tourism promotional video and   explained to him the unique things shown in the film – the culture of Hutsuls, the Odessa Opera house, the Welcome ceremony with bread and salt.
The session was educational both for fluent speakers and the beginners.
Participants number – 33  persons.
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05 October, 2017

Interest in Basic English in October

On October 5,
on October 12,
on October 19,
on October 26 - 
 the DOUNB Library had a new-comers that got interested in the opportunity to study English in the new format.
The Window on America center offers the library patrons an “Express English” activity that will help adult students to learn the basics of the English language.
Ten two- hour lectures are offered for the patrons who studied other foreign languages, but now need to speak English.
The professional EFL lecturer T. Gavryliuk combines the phonetic, reading and lexical exercises with important cross-cultural information that will help the English learners to use the Basic English in communication with foreigners in Ukraine and abroad.

The promotion of the “Express English” at the DOUNB library was supported by local media: the websites of the city news and the Oblast State Administration, even the local radio station. It was a big challenge for the DOUNB library staff to process and accommodate the torrent of the new patrons.  But we did it and thank our new patrons for understanding.
The new patrons were informed about the DOUNB’s resources and modern services.
The first session of the Basic Group in 2017  was a full house. We hope to keep it like that!
Come to get the basics of the English language at the DOUNB Library!
Participant numbers – 35 persons.
Presenter: T. Gavryliyuk.
Pictures: S.Usenko.