16 April, 2016

Speed English session on topic ‘Music’

Art makes human life filled with polyphony and colors. The art of music enriches the human world with colors and emotions, it provides aesthetic pleasure.
“Music” was the topic of conversation for the newcomers and the regular club-members of the WOA’s English-speaking Club “Gabfest”. The format of the session was “Speed English”. This type of practice is helpful for learners who need to activate their vocabulary. The Head of the "Window on America" center Svetlana Usenko prepared slides with simple and interesting questions. Club members practiced “small talk”, greetings, etc. They chatted in pairs, every two minutes the conversation partners rotated and started to discuss new issues. Our American volunteer Mr. Jason gladly joined the group and communicated with many people.

Number of participants – 37 persons.
Have a look at more pictures, please

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