07 April, 2016

American Fashion Designers

Today the WOA Center Dnipropetrovsk was visited by a group of distance learning students from the National University for Culture and Arts. The graduate students’ major was “Design”.
Within the framework of the “Discover USA” project the WOA staff member T. Gavryliuk made a video presentation of the leading USA fashion designers.  The group was offered a list of the 30 most popular American designers (source “Luxury Group” 2012).
Prior to the big-screening of the illustrative videos the group of female students was familiarized with the iconic “wrap dress” by Diana von Furstenberg. Diane von Furstenberg started showing her designs to boutiques and magazine editors in the late 1960s. The dresses she created weren't very expensive and they definitely weren't couture. They were “wrap dresses” – made of gentle gorgeously patterned jersey and with a deep-cut V-neck. "It's a dress that was practical and pretty and sexy," von Furstenberg tells. It's been described as dress that you get the men with ... but he doesn't mind taking you to his mother." The dress sold by the millions and became iconic American dress.
The students watched  a range of videos of  well-known and less-known in Ukraine US designers discussing the new looks, patterns and fabrics.
Participant number – 8 persons + 1 lecturer
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