28 August, 2010

English Speaking club - Fashion

The topic of the meeting was Fashion. The members of the club shared what kind of style they preferred. A lot of interesting questions were discussed.
Students Nastya and Helen showed costumes which they made my themselves, it was Chinese and Japanese kimono.
Josef Battilega mentioned that character clothes for Americans are baseball cap, T-shirt and jeans.
Some fashion books and magazines were presented. Josef was impressed by Dnipropetrovsk fashion and asked girls where they bought their clothes.

American people don't think about clothes very much, do they?
What do American people wear to a restaurant?
What clothes do Americans wear on holidays?
Do people in USA and Ukraine often wear formal clothes?
What is the difference between Ukrainian and American fashion?
How does a typical businessman/woman dress in your country?
What do schoolchildren usually wear in your country?

Iuliya Sobolevska:
Thx a lot! I enjoyed the meeting so much! Fashion is inside us! :)

26 August, 2010

Rosetta Stone in WOA Dnipropetrovsk

The English language teacher at specialized school № 22 Valentina Shvydka learned about the opportunities of the  program of self-studying the English language Rosetta Stone  in WOA Dnipropetrovsk.
She made a brief advertising for the teachers of English at a seminar in Dnipropetrovsk. (120 teachers).
The meeting of the head of WOA and the pupils of the school № 22  was planned to inform them about the resources of the Center.

21 August, 2010

English Speaking club dedicated to Ray Bradbury

English Speaking club dedicated to the birthday of famous fantasist Ray Bradbury. There were not very many fans of science fiction. Thrillers and fantasy are more popular among readers . Joseph confirmed that thrillers were popular in the US. And the most popular writers are Dan Brown, John Grisham.
We discussed the novel "Fahrenheit 451" of Ray Bradbury. According to the politician Vadim the society of Fahrenheit is the result of political correctness, even to the absurd. Photocopies of illustrations to works of science fiction classics that were prepared in advance by student Cyril, made a great recovery in the conversation, clearly demonstrated the views of writers for the future.
And the members of the Discussion club discussed the following: problems of law, taxes  etc.

14 August, 2010

English Speaking club - California

English Speaking club. It was a 5-hour talk with Josef about economics, people, problems, cities –  California.
Hollywood, Disneyland, Silicon Valley.... You can find all this in California. It is a one of the richest state of the USA and its lifestyle is constantly followed all over the world.

During the conversation the questions of science, medicine, religion. Ukrainians were interested in questions of formal and informal leadership in schools, situations which take place in American schools etc.
Look more pictures here 


07 August, 2010

English Speaking club - Colorado Day

English Speaking club. The topic of the meeting is Colorado Day.
Josef Battilega told about this state because he had visited it several times and knows it quite well. The members of the club had an opportunity to watch a slide-show about Colorado and also a short video about National Park Rocky Mountains.

America the Beautiful
It's a popular patriotic song played at sporting events and sung by hundreds of different artists. The opening lyrics were inspired by Colorado scenery: O' beautiful, for spacious skies/ For amber waves of grain/ For purple mountain majesties/ Above the fruited plain!
In 1893, Katharine Lee Bates, a former English professor at Wellesley College, ascended Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs and looked out at the view. The panorama of the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains inspired Bates to write her poem, which became a popular favorite. By 1895, the poem was set to music, and has never left the public consciousness since.
Composer Igor Stravinsky once rode a ski lift in Aspen in the summertime, while Prospector Alferd Packer dined on human flesh near Lake City. Inventor Nikola Tesla created artificial lightening hundreds of feet long in Colorado Springs, and Writer Oscar Wilde attended a fancy dinner party at the bottom of a Leadville silver mine. Outlaw Butch Cassidy robbed the bank in Telluride, while Lawman Doc Holliday and Showman Buffalo Bill were buried in Glenwood Springs and Denver, respectively. All are part of the quirky and sometimes colorful history of Colorado.