28 April, 2016

УкраїнаSpeaking project to students and teachers of Novomoskovsk

Introduction of #УкраїнаSpeaking project to students and teachers of Novomoskovsk (Dnipropetrovsk’s suburb)
Within the framework of the educational project #УкраїнаSpeaking DOUNB Library and "Window on America" Center were presented to Novomoskovsk community. The WOA’s staff Svetlana Usenko and Tamara Gavryliuk visited the colleagues at the Novomoskovsk Children's Library.
The WOA staff offered a presentation for the English teachers and the 10th year students of the local school No.18. The presentation started with the big-screening of the motivational video that encourages Ukrainians to learn English (production by the УкраїнаSpeaking project). The audience learned about several essential things:
- the modern services of the DOUNB Library that are assessable 24 hours/ 7 days a week.
- the DONUB Library web site and its online catalog
- the activities plan to observe the "Year of English in Ukraine",
- the various language clubs for different age groups and skill levels skill
- the #УкраїнаSpeaking project that is aimed to help all who wish to improve English proficiency in one way or another . Students were offered a slide show that recommended effective on-line resources: УкраїнаSpeaking, American English, Voice of America, SHAREAMERICA, English is fun and others.
Number of participants – 22 persons.
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