02 April, 2016


The first session of the Gabfest Club in April was dedicated to a complicated topic “Humor”. We have introduced it to observe the April Fool’s Day.
To start the ball rolling we described several funny pictures. This allowed us to engage quite a big number of new comers.
We watched several funny videos that illustrated the history of the April Fool’s Day and introduced new vocabulary. The foreign new comers – Egyptian students of local universities – told about the traditional pranks in their country. The Ukrainian club members explained what were the popular pranks in Ukraine. The club members shared stories about funny situations in real life.
The more complicated task for the group was to translate humor from one culture to another. We tried our skills in translating comments to Ukrainian caricatures and WWII satirical anti-Hitler posters. It was quite a challenge.
For a more relaxed conversation the WOA’s American volunteer Mr. Jason helped the club members and asked them questions about stereotypical jokes in Ukraine.
All the participants had fun and learned many new words.
Number of participants – 33 persons.
Have a look at more pictures, please


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