23 April, 2016

Celebrating the U.N. English Day

Celebrating the U.N. English Language Day by distributing “English to Everyone” posters in Dnipropetrovsk!

Our Library, supports the Year of English in Ukraine!
Our Window on America Center in Dnipropetrovsk supports the Year of English in Ukraine!
On William Shakespeare’s birthday the DOUNB library staff and readers-volunteers took part in the flash mob aimed at promotion of English among the local hospitality establishments personnel. The posters which presented the Ukraine-English phrases essential for servicing the foreign visitors were distributed at the local restaurants and cafes. Printing of colorful phrase-posters was a courtesy of the US Embassy in Ukraine. Restaurant and café employees are interested in improving their English skills to provide good services to foreign customers. They are willing to cooperate with the DOUNB library.
DOUNB library and the "Window on America" Information and Resource Center support the” Year of English” in Ukraine and are offering free express courses of the English language to the library patrons.
The second enrollment to the “Express English” groups starts as follows: May, 17 – “Activate English” and May, 19 – “Basic English”. 


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