24 October, 2009

English Speaking club - 5th-Anniversary of WOA

It was a double holiday in the Center. The first significant date was 64th-Birthday of UNO and a 5th-Anniversary of WOA.
On the 25th of October The Center WOA in Dnipropetrovsk was opened.
The guests of the meeting were Fadi Alkayyali (Jordan) and professor of political science Youngtae Shin (USA, Oklahoma). The meeting with Youngtae Shin (who collaborated with WOA in 2007-2008 thanks to the program Fulbright) was possible due to SKYPE. The talk lasted for 1.5 hours.
The questions were discussed:
-     The history of foundation of UNO;
-     The structure of organization;
-     The members of organization;
-     Ukraine in UNO;
-     The History of WOA center.  
Club-members had an opportunity to see the best photos that illustrate the work of the Center (2004-2009).
Youngtae Shin congratulated everybody with this date, got acquainted with new club-members, recalled her life in Ukraine. Also we discussed the political situation in Ukraine because this topic was very interesting to Youngtae and our members.

31 March, 2009

Outdoor meeting in the school # 22 - Edgar Allan Poe

Outdoor meeting in the school # 22.
Students saw Slide show «Edgar Allan Poe - Editor, Poet, Master of the Short Story».