13 April, 2016

Future librarians and International Standards

The "Window on America" Center was visited by the students of the Dnipropetrovsk College for Culture, their major is “Library Science”. The group learned about the DOUNB Library statistics which give the idea about the different aspects of library work and the sources of new book arrivals. The WOA’s staff told the students about the history of the center, its mission, modern types of activities, the types of patrons who participate in various activities that help to learn English.
Students were introduced to the American Library Association (ALA), which is the driving force for the national library network. The ALA became the benchmark for Ukrainian libraries in project development and activities planning. The young people were invited to join the youth section of the Ukrainian Library Association and to learn how to be creative and innovative in a Ukrainian library, how to surprise the world with extraordinary library projects.
Number of participants – 5.
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