30 March, 2016


During the Spring Break visit to Dnipropetrovsk a big group of Pavlograd high school students (school No.5) were invited to visit the WOA Center Dnipropetrovsk.
The WOA staff member T. Gavryliuk introduced to the visitors the “УкраїнаSpeaking” project and the “Window  On America” Center (Dnipropetrovsk) .
 The students were informed about the academic exchange opportunities for school students (FLEX program) and University students (the Fulbright exchange).
The students were invited to follow WOA Dnipropetrovsk Facebook page to keep in touch and be aware of the news.
The positive wrap-up of the presentation was a photo near the book installation about the English Language at the partner library department (the foreign languages division).
Number of participants – 55 students+ 1 teacher.
Have a look at more pictures, please

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