30 March, 2016

Spring Break Library Tour

During the school Spring break WOA staff member T. Gavryliuk invited the 6th year students of the local school No.58 for a DOUNB Library Tour. The highlight of the tour was the introduction of the УкраїнаSpeaking project and a brief presentation of the WOA Center and FLEX program for academic exchange of school students. Within the frame work of the “Year of the English Language” initiative the children where familiarized with the book installations and hand-made crafts (dolls and tourist attractions) that introduce the English language at the WOA’s partner department – the department of foreign languages documents.
The other WOA’s partner – the Art department of the DOUNB Library – surprised the students with the book display “The Art of Book Production” and complementing displays: a fascinating collection miniature books and the exhibition of local painters’ art works used as book illustrations.
Number of participants – 20 students+3 teachers.
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