12 March, 2016

World Women’s Day

Today’s session of the «Gabfest» Club (at Window on America center Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine) was dedicated to the observance of the “World Women’s Day” in different countries.
The Club had an influx of newcomers and we allowed them to break ice by introducing themselves to the regular club members. The newcomers were pleasantly surprised to meet Club’s native-speaking US volunteer Mr. Jason.
We started the conversation with description of the iconic American poster “We Can do it”. The club members explained why the poster was associated in their minds with American women. Our American volunteer was interested in the Ukrainian images associated with the Women’s Day. The task for the club members was to describe and to explain the images from the Women’s Day postcards issued some fifty years ago in our country. The cross-cultural differences are quite substantial. The group had to explain to the foreign guest certain phenomena that they took for granted. And the task turned out to be very challenging. All the participants of the conversation realized that translation of inscriptions on old postcards was even more challenging.
The club members learned how to define cultural phenomena or describe them with limited vocabulary.
Number of participants – 34 persons.
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