25 March, 2016

“Discover USA”: lecture for Hospitality students

Window on America center ‪‎Dnipropetrovsk‬ continues its project ‪‎Discover USA‬. Today the ‪‎DniproWOA‬ Center was visited by a group of the 1st year students from the University for Culture and Arts. The students major is ‪‎Hospitality‬ Management.‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬
The WOA’s staff member T. Gavryliuk offered the group a lecture on “Corporate Culture in US Hospitality”. The peculiar features of the US hospitality corporations’ culture were presented and illustrated with relevant videos. The recent trends in corporate culture were introduced.
Among the corporations presented to the students were “Marriot” and “Hilton” hotel chains, the iconic American coffee house “Starbucks”. The highlight of the lecture was the video about the corporate culture of the “Chipotle” restaurant chain. It gave the insight into the values and operations of this fast growing business.
Number of participants – 20 persons.
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