24 March, 2016

Studens of Juridical Lyceum

Within the framework of the educational project #УкраїнаSpeaking DOUNB Library and "Window on America" Center were presented to new comers.
Studens of Juridical Lyceum learned about the modern library service which operates 24 hours 7 days a week through its website and online catalog. Head of the "Window on America" center Svetlana Usenko told the members of Activate English Club about the planned activities to observe the "Year of English in Ukraine" and #УкраїнаSpeaking project # that will help all who wish to improve their knowledge of English.
Library members were acquainted with the WOA Center’s book collection and learned about the opportunity to use its free resources for learning English: attending Movie club and English-speaking club, access to e-LibraryUSA, the vocabulary board games. The students watched a slide show that highlighted on-line resources such as УкраїнаSpeaking, American English, Voice of America, SHAREAMERICA, English is fun and others.
Number of participants – 8 persons.
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