23 March, 2016

The Inn of the Sixth Happiness

«Love had suddenly come to her under the China sky...love for this Eurasian soldier who now pressed his earthy, Oriental skin against her own...»

Movie Club’s friends number is getting bigger. Today 3 new comers visited the “Wednesday Movie Club” at Window on America center Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine to watch a film. The members of Movie Club selected a film The Inn of the Sixth Happiness, which is a part of the WOA’s collection of the best Hollywood movies.
The Inn of the Sixth Happiness is a 1958 DeLuxe Color 20th Century Fox CinemaScope film based on the true story of Gladys Aylward, a tenacious British maid, who became a missionary in China during the tumultuous years leading up to World War II. Directed by Mark Robson, who received an Academy Award for Best Director nomination, the film stars Ingrid Bergman as Aylward and Curt Jürgens as her love interest, Colonel Lin Nan, a Chinese officer with a Dutch father. Robert Donat, who played the mandarin of the town in which Aylward lived, died before the film was released. The musical score was composed and conducted by Malcolm Arnold. The cinematography was by Freddie Young.
WOA’s patrons enjoyed the film and the discussion that followed.
Number of participants – 19 persons.
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