24 March, 2016

Guidelines for Year Of English in Ukraine» events

2016 Year of English in Ukraine events continue!
"Window on America" Head Svitlana Usenko addressed the training course students who were the chief library bibliographers from the Dnipropetrovsk province. In her speech she stressed the need to plan activities in advance, to look for volunteers and language experts to implement the events. She proposed a list of topics that will be appropriate for cultural and educational sessions; recommended the names of famous American writers and artists for library events; described the popular event formats: an English-speaking club, a film screening, a lecture, a presentation, a musical evening, game time, etc. S. Usenko mentioned and promoted a "library bike ride" as an activity that is gaining popularity among library community in Ukraine. Librarians received a compilations of electronic materials produced at the "Window on America" center.
They will help the librarians to prepare activities that will motivate library patrons of all ages to learn English, to improve the language skills of those who’re already studying it intensively.
Number of participants – 22 persons.
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