27 June, 2017

Zoreslav Baydiuk at Window on America center in Dnipro, Ukraine.
The «Voice of America» Ukrainian service has a unique opportunity to convey to its audience in Ukraine the first hand information about the life in the United States. Mr. Zoreslav Baydiuk and other reporters travel to the most remote corners of the country and show real life America.
At the meeting Mr. Baydiuk featured the video sketches series «America. Off the Highway».
The guests watched   the videos with curiosity and asked a lot of questions afterword.
The Dnipro audience’s feedback was very important for Mr. Baydiuk. The «Voice of America» wants to know the opinion of the Ukrainian public, what topics would be interesting for the Ukrainian viewers. The «Voice of America» journalists appreciate the viewers’ thoughts; they will take them into account during the creation of new “Voice of America” programs.

These programs contribute to the understanding between Ukraine and the United States, after watching them Ukrainians become more informed, more tolerant and friendly.
Participants number – 80 persons.

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