01 June, 2017

Discover USA! Celebrate with Americans!

Book Display: Discover USA! Celebrate with Americans!
The Information and Resource Center "Window to America" invites you to study English, the language of international communication, and the culture of the United States of America. Cultural traditions of the USA are like a mosaic – bright and colorful, amazing, attractive and sometimes incredible.
Book and image display «Explore the USA! Celebrate with the Americans!» introduces everyone to the official and religious holidays, the most popular places to meet Christmas or New Year, to the popular musical festivals, sports championships, and the art of the Native Americans.
The exhibition presents educational publications on the US history; various travel guides, local lore editions of the Smithsonian Institute, photo albums, encyclopedias, CDs and DVDs.
The displayed books were donated to the DOUNB library by the US Embassy in Ukraine and the US charity foundation "Sabre-Світло" within the period of 25 years since diplomatic relations between Ukraine and the USA were established.
The display was reviewed by WOA center patrons.
100 persons.

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