03 June, 2017

SPPED ENGLISH at #DniproWOA in July

on July, 3 -
This afternoon the Speed English participants (Window on America center in Dnipro, Ukraine) discussed the arrival of summer and talked about different aspects of this wonderful season.
Participants number – 30 persons.
Have a look at more pictures, please

Speed English appeared to be especially cool this time. Sometimes when there are many people and native speakers we divide into few groups and this time we did it as well so we had a great pleasure to communicate with our American friends during this Speed English session as nothing beats practicing speaking English with native speakers, and that’s why we can say that nothing beats Speed English session with American native speakers, in other words this Speed English was upbeat.
Taking into account that we do not have a possibility to speak English with foreigners every day (which would be ideal for us in order to speak English fluently), we especially enjoyed this opportunity to communicate with them in a very intense and interactive way which is proposed in Speed English.  For each conversation with one partner we had three minutes, and questions were usual as they were not about the topic which was during the informational part of the session. But some of them were extraordinary for us, especially question about the craziest thing in life, so we as speaking club members can say it made us think in an unusual way to answer such question, which was really upbeat. No wonder that communicating in groups with American native speakers at Speed English was so efficient for us and inspiring that we enjoyed communicating with our American friends after this session, feeling hungry for another Speed English.

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