13 June, 2017

Innovative approaches in US Farm Biz

"Window on America” Dnipro continues to participate in the project “WOA Special” from the famous US broadcaster “Voice of America”.
The project is offered by the "Voice of America”’s Ukrainian service and the popular Ukrainian journalist Zoreslav Baydyuk who works in the USA.
Today WOA’s regular patrons – students of the "Activate English" Express Course – arrived to the class earlier than usual to watch a documentary. This afternoon they will learn about innovative approaches to agri-business in the USA.
Our Ukrainian viewers were surprised that in US the popularity of agri-tourism is growing. Both children and adults are interested in growing vegetables. Natural dairy products can now be purchased from farmers and urban gardens where people grow vegetables themselves become very popular.
The Americans have realized the value of organic vegetables, the food waste issues are also debated in the communities.
To encourage Ukrainians to engage into agri-business in Ukraine the film-makers suggest such source of income as breeding of alpacas - South American lamas.
We are grateful to the Voice of America’s Ukrainian service and the US State Department for the opportunity to learn more interesting and helpful facts about the life in USA.We will additionally announce the screening of the next VOA’s series.
Number of viewers – 35 students of the "Activate English" Express Course.
Presenter and pictures: S.Usenko.

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