17 October, 2015

Games and learning

The "Window on America" center (Dnipropetrovsk / Ukraine) resumed sessions of the "American TEEN club" where students can improve their English skills, learn more about the United States and have a nice time with friends. The session was prepared and moderated by the FLEX (Future Leaders Exchange) program graduate Anna Akastyelova who is a long time WOA’s friend and volunteer.
During the session the group was involved into educational activities: reading, translation, answering questions of the moderator. 

The second part of the club’s session was devoted to educational and linguistic desktop card game "Apples to Apples". Players had to learn how to make English phrases using "red apple" cards (which generally feature a noun) and matching "green apple" cards (which contain an adjective) Every player had to choose a strategy to win. The game was both funny and educational for English learners.
Number of participants – 6 persons.
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