08 October, 2015

Cross Cultural Encounters for Ukrainian University students

The Window on America center in Dnipropetrovsk continues to implement the library project “Cross Cultural Encounters for Ukrainian University students”.
The aim of the project is to introduce the WOA and its resources to the students majoring in “Hospitality Management”.
This month the fourth year students of the Kyiv University for Arts and Culture (Dnipropetrovsk branch) have been invited to the WOA center.
Svitlana Usenko, the head of Window on America center, presented the resources of the Center (Books, Movie Club, English speaking club Gabfest, Rosetta Stone software, e-gadgets, etc.)
The group of students with major in “Hospitality Management” listened to the lecture “Logistics in the Hospitality Industry in the USA”. The lecture was delivered by the center’s staff member T. Gavryluk.

The information was illustrated by numerous videos about supply chain management at the world known American restaurant brand - McDonald’s. We started with the logistics of the McDonald’s operations in Ukraine. After that McDonald’s participation in the Beijing Olympics in 2008 was showcased. The supply chain organization and management for this remote destination impressed the students.
The examples from the hotel industry logistics were also presented. The sustainability and challenges of logistics management were touched upon and illustrated with relevant YouTube videos.
The lecture at the WOA was a valuable addition to the theoretical course in Logistics.
Number of the visitors – 35.
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