19 October, 2015

PR campaigns in the US Hospitality Industry

The Window on America center in Dnipropetrovsk continues to implement the library project “Cross Cultural Encounters for Ukrainian University students”.
The aim of the project is to introduce the WOA and its resources to the students majoring in “Hospitality Management”.
This week the 4th year students of the Kyiv University for Arts and Culture (Dnipropetrovsk branch) have been invited to the WOA center once again.
The group of students listened to the lecture “PR campaigns in the US Hospitality Industry”. The lecture was delivered by the center’s staff member T. Gavryluk.

The information was illustrated with numerous videos about the successful PR campaigns organized by the White House (vegetable garden, Easter reading, Easter egg roll, etc.). The examples from the hospitality industry were also presented and included prize winning PR campaigns for a tourist destination (Canadian Yukon) and a hotel chain (Hilton).
The insight into the PR campaign producing was provided through the video about fashion shows of a world famous US designer Donna Karan (DKNY).
The materials provided in the lecture allowed the students to compare cases of PR campaigns in other countries (Ukraine, France).
The lecture at the WOA center was a valuable addition to the theoretical course in Public Relations.
Number of the visitors – 15.
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