03 October, 2015

English conversations with native speakers

The "Window on America" center resumed sessions of the "American TEEN club" where students can improve their English skills, learn more about the United States and have a nice time with friends. The sessions are prepared and moderated by the FLEX (Future Leaders Exchange) program graduate Anna Akastyelova who is a long time WOA’s friend and volunteer.
Today’s session was attended also by WOA’s American volunteer Mr. Jason. During the session the club members trained their auditing skills (improved skills of English speech comprehension) and exercised their grammar skills. The Club members watched educational videos, answered questions of the online grammar test, and described wonderful paintings by American artist Norman Rockwell. Young people learned more about this talented New York artist who created outstanding landscapes of the American nature.
New knowledge and good mood are the most valuable acquisitions of the American Teen Club members .
Number of participants – 7 persons.
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