22 October, 2015

Celebrating Arthur Miller at 100 - 2

"On the Art of Drama in English" "Window on America" (Dnipropetrovsk / Ukraine) information and resource was visited by a group of 9th year students from the local highs school No. 23. WOA center has a long-time partnership project with this school.
The visit was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of ArthurMiller (1915-2005) - a famous American playwright, screenwriter and novelist. WOA’s HEAD Svetlana Usenko prepared for the students a slide show which presented the most interesting facts from the biography of the playwright who was a prominent figure in the realm of American theater. The group also watched video excerpts from the play "DeathOfASalesman," which has brought worldwide fame to A. Miller.

The play "Death of a Salesman" (1949, director Elia Kazan) was staged 742 times. Miller received the Pulitzer Prize (1949) for this play and later – a bunch of other less prestigious awards. Other popular Miller’s plays: "After the Fall," "Incident at Vichy ", The Creation of the World and Other Business." He also wrote an autobiographical book “Timebends: A Life”.
"Death of a Salesman" was re-made on Broadway 4 times by different directors with different casts. It was staged in many countries, including the USSR and China. At least 7 times it was filmed in different countries. The play put forward very important human problems: intertwining of personal and economic problems; craving for wealth, craving for love and respect and their conflict. The play was well taken by the public and impressed many people in the theater world. However, Arthur Miller is known for his social life as well. For four years (1956-1961) he was married to Marilyn Monroe. Arthur Miller's novella "The Misfits" was filmed in 1961 – the last movie where Marilyn Monroe starred. It was writer’s farewell gift to his beloved woman and the only dramatic role of M. Monroe.
"I tried to help her cope with the problems ... Unfortunately, I have failed to do that" – wrote Miller.
Number of participants – 11 (10 – pupils, 1 – teacher) persons.

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