05 October, 2015

High school Students watching a sci-fi movie

During the World Space Week "Window on America" (Dnipropetrovsk / Ukraine) center was visited by a group of 10th year students from the local School № 23 that specializes in English study. The aim of the visit was to watch an exciting movie in English that will expand their vocabulary and inspire to take part in an essay writing competition.
The group was offered the film «Solaris» ( 2002). The movie is a sci-fi drama by the American director Steven Soderberg based on the novel by Polish novelist Stanislav Lem. The main character, a psychologist Chris Kelvin, arrives at a space station moving around a mysterious planet Solaris. His goal is to understand that strange things that happen with scientists working on the planet’s orbit. Chris discovers that the leader of the expedition and his old friend died under mysterious circumstances. And soon he faces a force that is beyond human understanding ... Remarkable fact – the DOUNB library can offer the big screening of the film , the original novel, and the audio recording of the dramatized radio version of the S. Lem’s popular sci-fi book.
Number of participants – 20 persons.
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