11 March, 2017

Spring Holidays and Music

This afternoon the Gabfest Club members (in Dnipro Window on America center, Ukraine) shared the information about the Ukrainian holidays of the week.
 The national holiday observed in Dnipro by many patriots was the anniversary of the iconic Ukrainian poet – Taras Shevchenko. The Club members were touched by the video greeting by the American Embassy staff who recited Shevchenko’s poems in Ukrainian.  For the background of the slides the images of the Ukrainian places ( a Ukrainian  church, a Ukrainian village, Monument to Taras  Shevchenko) in USA were used.

The International Women’s Day celebration was already history, but the group was surprised with the present from the DOUNB Library – a jazz concert on the premises of the library. 

Participants number – 45 persons.

Have a look at more pictures, please

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