25 March, 2017

The path to Success: Not just a Destination

Lecture: «The path to Success: Not just a Destination» for the Gabfest Club’s members (Dnipro Window on America center, Ukraine).
This afternoon WOA was visited by Mr. Paul Sullivan, The Director of American volunteers from the American Church of Jesus Christ in Eastern Ukraine. Members of the WOA’s GABFEST English club every Saturday come to learn something new and helpful about the USA. This weekend they had a pleasant surprise – the library was visited by a group of US volunteers in Ukraine Mr. Paul Sullivan, gave a lecture on importance of leadership for achieving success.

The lecture "Path to success - not just a destination” was emotional and exciting. 1.5 hours passed like a flash. In the past, Mr. Sullivan was an engineer-geologist, has held key managing positions in the world famous company "Shell Group". While at “Shell”, he held a number of positions in strategy development and execution, as well as deep water exploration and development. He has served on several boards in the industry focusing on energy technology, including renewable technologies like solar, wind and hydrogen. At the end of the meeting the speaker willingly answered WOA’s Club members’ questions.
Number of participants – 65 persons.
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