18 March, 2017

The Irish-American Heritage and Spring Equinox

This afternoon the Gabfest Club session was attended by our US volunteer Mr. Jason. He   puzzled the group with several tricky questions about local traditions and ways of life (“subotniks”, lack of personal space in lines, malfunctioning on-line services, etc.).
The official topic of the session was remarkable dates of the week – St. Patrick’s Day and Vernal Equinox.
The group was offered a video “The Hands that built America”. It gave an insight into the role of Irish-Americans in the development of the American nation. The new vocabulary was introduced: shamrock, leprechaun, pot of gold, Emerald Island, etc.
The second topic for discussion was the coming Vernal Equinox. The topic was illustrated with an educational video that introduced terms “equinox” and “solstice”. The discussion that followed focused on the unusual March in the USA. The group was shown a video about the snow storm Stella and its effect on the US public life and the cherry bloom in Washington D.C.
The group welcomed the newcomers and listened to their reasons to join the club.
Number of participants – 48 persons.

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