23 March, 2017

Sustained Interest in Basic English

This afternoon the session of the Basic English Group 5.7. took place at the DOUNB Library in Window on America Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine).
The Group was founded as a training site for people who never studied English or for those who need to return to the basics of the language. The patrons were informed about the WOA’s resources and modern online services.
The professional EFL lecturer T. Gavryliuk combines the phonetic, reading and lexical exercises with important cross-cultural information that will help the English learners to use the Basic English in communication with foreigners in Ukraine and abroad.
All the participants found the session educational and helpful.
Instructor: T. Gavryliyuk
Pictures: S.Usenko
Participant numbers – 60 persons.

Presenter: T. Gavryliyuk.
Pictures: S.Usenko.

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