25 March, 2017

Talent Show at American Church

The Window on America center staff and patrons were invited to participate in the event organized by the American church in Dnipro.
The Talent Show took place in the new beautiful building of the church in Dnipro’s down town. Several WOA’s patrons were selected to participate in the Talent show with their musical numbers – 2 songs (Nataly and Dmytro) and 2 piano instrumental performances (Valentyna and Iryna), the rest of the WOA patrons were supporting them with rounds of applause.

The WOA’s patrons are fascinated with the American volunteers and appreciate their pleasant personalities, manners and ideas, eagerness to study local traditions and language and share their own ones.
A visit to the American church impressed all the participants.
Number of participants – 9 persons.

Have a look at more pictures, please


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