11 March, 2017

JAZZ CONCERT “American Jazz Classics: Wes Montgomery”

Within the framework of the project “U.S. ART Residence in Dnipro” a concert show “American Jazz Classics: Wes Montgomery” took place the DOUNB Library’s Art department (Dnipro Window on America center, Ukraine).
 The library patrons were offered a live performance of jazz by the musician from the Dnipro’s Academy of music – guitarists, a saxophonist, a drummer and a pianist. The talented local jazz musicians were introduced by the expert – PhD in Musical Theory Ms. Irina Riabtseva.
The library patrons were delighted to learn more about the life and work of the talented guitarist Wes Montgomery. His story was illustrated with the live music numbers.
 The musicians received the round of applause from the audience and souvenirs from the DOUNB Library. The performance took place at the DOUNB library Art department.

 The WOA staff invited the musicians and the GABFEST Club committee for an after-event tea.  With the background of jazz music we discussed the plans for future cooperation of the DOUNB Library and Dnipro’s Academy of Music.
Participants number – 55 persons.
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