03 December, 2015

Discover DniproWOA

"Window on America" information and resource center was visited by a group of the 8th year students from the neighboring School №23 with profound study of English. The WOA’s Head presented helpful free library resources for learning and improving the level of English independently.
Students were encouraged to use the WOA’s computers to visit the web-site of the DOUNB library, WOA’s blog and FB-page. Young people examined the WOA’s collections with great interest. They liked everything – collections of books and movies, the display of promotional materials from US colleges and universities "If you want to study in the US", the posters display "America 24/7".
Students learned about the opportunity to use the digital library ‘eLibrary USA’ to prepare academic papers, to watch English movies (in a group and individually), to communicate with native speakers in the speaking club “Gabfest”. The group reviewed the promotional trailer of modern library services, several videos about Chicago and New York, listened to music of the American composer George Gershwin and the youth group Pentatonix.
The 8th graders are still young kids and showed interest in less academic WOA’s articles. They located the shelves of open access table games, instantly learned the rules and had a round of ‘Apples to Apples game’. This game activates the English vocabulary knowledge in a funny way.
 The teacher fixed the date for the next visit: in the WOA’s collection the students found a movie they would like to watch. WOA staff and the students look forward to see each other again very soon.
Number of participants – 9 persons.
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