01 December, 2015

Book display We are ‘mountain lovers’

To observe the International Mountain Day (December, 11) Window on America" center Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine presented the book and image display We are ‘mountain lovers’.
The United States has three major mountain chains: The Appalachian Mountains, The Rocky Mountains, and The Sierra Nevada & Cascade Mountains. These mountains are located in the east, central west, and western United States.
The displayed sources will inform you about the touristic attractions in the mountains and popular ski resorts in the USA, and about Red Rocks and Mount Rushmore.
If you are interested in geography and tourism of the USA – come and find more details about the signature rocks and stone monuments of the USA! All US mountain chains are unique, with their own personality and beauty to enjoy.
The Appalachian Mountains are not tall mountains compared to many other mountain chains, but they are old mountains. Although the Appalachians are one long continuous chain of mountains, different people call these mountains by different names depending where they live. In the state of Virginia these mountains are called the ‘Blue Ridge Mountains,’ in New York they are called the ‘Catskills,’ in Vermont they are called the ‘Green Mountains,’ and in New Hampshire they are called the ‘White Mountains’. 
The Rocky Mountains, or simply the ‘Rockies’, are found west of the Mississippi River, there are many impressive and tall mountains in this chain.
The Sierra Nevada & Cascade Mountains hug the entire west coast of the United States.
The Sierras, which start in southern California, are known for their beauty. The Cascade Mountain range stretches from northern California into the states of Oregon and Washington, and on into Canada. All of these are volcanic mountains. 

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