06 December, 2015

Educational activities

Today the American Teen Club session (at Window on America center Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine) welcomed several new members who introduced themselves to the group.
The club members exchanged information on their school week and the week-end events.
The Clubs moderator Anna Akastiolova (a FLEX Alumnus) prepared several educational activities for the group. It was a challenge as the age of participants ranged from primary school students to freshmen.
The group played vocabulary games at the table and simple motion games outside the table for a change.
They also learned some pairs of words in which one sound or a simple pre-fix changed the meaning to the opposite (accept - except, flammable - inflammable, emigrate - immigrate, etc.)
The most challenging activity was translation of the popular tunes from the favorite Disney cartoons.
The original subtitles helped the group a lot and introduced many new words and expressions.
Number of participants – 10 persons.
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