23 December, 2015

Christmas bells jingle - 2

"Window on America" information and resource center held the 2nd meeting of its cultural project "Christmas bells jingle". "Window on America" staff Svetlana Usenko and Tamara Gavryliuk decorated the premises for Christmas – in traditional color scheme and with hand-made gifts from partner school kids. A Christmas tree was put up with lovely decoration. The 8th year students of the specialized school №23 visited the facility at the start of the Christmas season in Ukraine. The meeting was attended by the WOA’s American volunteer Mr. Jason which was a pleasant surprise for the teachers and students. The group arrived with an assortment of Xmas cookies and had a nice Xmas tea ceremony with the WOA staff.
The WOA staff introduced the group to some less known symbols of American Xmas. The American flower symbol of Xmas was presented – the beautiful red poinsettia. The nativity scene as a Xmas tradition in the USA was presented and several images were discussed. Several popular Xmas songs were offered to the group and the teenagers happily sang along.
The presence of our American volunteer gave the students an opportunity to practice their speaking skills. They asked Mr. Jason numerous questions about his family Xmas traditions, his impressions of Ukraine and Dnipropetrovsk.
The group listened to the globally popular “Carol of the Bells” A.K.A "Shchedryk" by the Ukrainian composer Leontovich. The iconic song was offered in traditional and modern variations. The group was eager to sing along other Xmas hits – «Jingle bells», “Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer”, “Santa Clause Is coming to town” and others.
Young DOUNB Library friends enjoyed the music and the warm atmosphere of the Xmas tea party. They will take from the library back home the wonderful memories of meeting a real American. For the teenagers US Christmas is a start of the bright and merry Winter Holiday season! They will remember new facts about the Christian culture, and will learn more about the culture of the friendly American people.
We hope that this festive tea party with an American guest at the "Window on America" center will be an extra motivation for the students to learn English.
Number of participants – 21 persons.
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