29 November, 2015

Thanksgiving Games and learning

Today "American Teen Club" session took place at WOA Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine). It was prepared and moderated by Anna Akastyelova – Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) alumnus and DOUNB library’s friend and volunteer. Information Resource Center "Window on America" offers all its resources to make meetings interesting, educational and funny at the same time.
New "American Teen Club" members were welcomed by WOA’s American volunteer Mr. Jason. Anna presented to them a popular American holiday – Thanksgiving. The participants received   sweet treats and were offered to play a linguistic game. The task was to make new words using the letters from the new vocabulary on the topic "Thanksgiving". Educational videos and big screening of animated cartoons helped to understanding the new vocabulary better.
The next activity was the introduction of popular English idioms, among them «two peas in a pot». The group also played one of the games from the American English set “Activate”.
Action game offered by the moderator introduced some physical exercise, fun and words from the topic “Human body parts”. Questions and answerers activity was enjoyed by all participants.
The teenagers left the library in high spirits and with new knowledge.
Number of participants – 5 persons.
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