18 May, 2017

DOUNB Library Tour for Foreign Students

This afternoon the WOA Dnipro was visited by a group of foreign students and their lecturers.
The students from Asian and African countries will study at the National Metallurgical Academy which is a long-time partner of the WOA Dnipro.
The students were informed about the free resources available at WOA Dnipro. The non-English speaking students were invited to enroll to the WOA’s Express-English Courses. The English-speaking students were invited to join the Gabfest Speaking Club and the Movie Club.
The visitors were very enthusiastic about improving their language skills at WOA. So we hope to welcome them again very soon!
Participants number – 11 (9 students, 2 lecturers).
#DniproWOA #MuseumDay

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