20 May, 2017

International Museum Day

This afternoon the official topic of the Gabfest Club session in Dfnipro Window on America center was “International Museum Day”.
In 2017 this global event celebrated the theme: “Museums and contested histories: Saying the unspeakable in museums”.
History is a vital tool for defining a given people's identity, and each of us defines ourselves through important and fundamental historic events. Contested histories are unfortunately not isolated traumatic events. These histories, which are often little known or misunderstood, resonate universally, as they concern and affect us all.
Museum collections offer reflections of memories and representations of history. The International Museum Day provided an opportunity to show how museums display and depict traumatic memories to encourage visitors to think beyond their own individual experiences.
The group shared the stories about the visits to museums that were rather traumatic, gave the examples of things unspeakable in the Soviet time museums. The topic was illustrated with the video speech of a museum expert who explained why contested histories are important for the contemporary society.
The group red and translated the slide show about unusual museums in the USA – circus museum, funeral museum, spy museum, mustard museum, etc.
The topic was complicated, but educational.
Participants number – 24 persons.


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