24 May, 2017

Presenting your Home Country and Town

What would you tell Americans about Ukraine and your hometown? Window on America Dnipro (Ukraine) continues its partnership with the local secondary school № 22.
The 7th year students and their teachers attended the WOA’s presentation about cross-cultural communication: how to present our home country Ukraine and our home town Dnipro.
The bright and smart kids answered quiz-like questions, demonstrated creative thinking and local history knowledge. They were impressed by the new fun facts about Ukraine that were presented in a slide show. Active participants got souvenirs with Dnipro WOA logo.
The group was offered new vocabulary to describe Ukrainian traditions and Dnipro city’s tourist attractions. Now the students are ready to present Ukraine to the world community!
The second part of meeting was an exploration of SMART board. All students enjoyed lexical games.
Participants number – 31 persons.

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