06 May, 2017

Holiday is approaching – Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, 2017

Today members of English Speaking club GABFEST in Dnipro Window on America center (Ukraine) had a wonderful chance to discuss «Eurovision Song Contest: challenges and advantages of hosting in Ukraine». Elizaveta Stepanishina successfully debuted as moderator – prepared an interesting video for watching and discussing, text for reading and translation, questions for discussion.
New members introduced themselves and shared their motivation for learning English with the group.
In the end of the meeting members of the club communicated in the Speed English format on topic «Travelling. Dreams we had and dreams that came true. Cities or nature. Landmarks. Seaside resorts»
All visitors have left the Library fulfilled with great mood and new skills and knowledges.
Moderator: Elizaveta Stepanishina
Pictures: Svitlana Usenko
Number of participants – 28 persons.
Have a look at more pictures, please

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