27 May, 2017

Cycling Day and Marathon in Dnipro

This afternoon the session of the Gabfest Club (Window on America center in Dnipro, Ukraine) was dedicated to the sports that are supported by the local authorities and  people – and running.
The group shared the information about the annual cycling day in Dnipro this Saturday. We have watched and discussed the videos about the bicycle evolution, the first US bicycle brand “Columbia” and recent innovations in   leisure bicycles.
The second part of the session was dedicated to the race known as marathon. We have made several comments about the forthcoming half marathon in Dnipro. The topic was illustrated with videos about the marathon history, the most popular marathons in the USA and the phenomenon of Kenyan marathon champions.
The topic allowed to introduce new vocabulary and activated the interest of the participants in the life of the home city.
Participants number – 37 persons.
Presenter: T. Gavryliyuk.
Pictures: S.Usenko.

Have a look at more pictures, please


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