22 April, 2017

Earth Day at DniproWOA: Environmental & Climate Literacy

This afternoon the Gabfest club session (Dnipro Window on America center, Ukraine) was dedicated to the observance of the UN Mother Earth day.
Earth Day now gathers over 1 billion people each year, making it the largest civic observance in the world.
The theme for 2017 is “Environmental & Climate Literacy”. It aims to empower everyone with the knowledge of climate change in order to inspire action towards environmental protection.
The Club members were urged to make small green changes in their lifestyle:
-    Walk to work, cycle or take public transport
-    Cut back on single use plastics
-    Recycle
-    Go paperless
-    Go meat or dairy free at least once a week
-    Plant a tree
-    Buy local produce.
The group was offered educational videos about the “carbon footprint” and supermarkets’ secrets. The video introduced a lot of environmental terms and explained some “green changes” that were not clear to the session participants.
The discussion that followed engaged our American friends- Mr. Jason and Mr. Stephen and covered some controversial aspects of the climate change theory.
Number of participants – 33 persons.

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