10 April, 2017

Rewards the activist and volunteer

Dnipro Window on America center REWARDS the ACTIVIST WOA’s loyal patron and volunteer Serhij Barabash on occasion of his birthday received a Gratitude letter from the facility. Being an engineering student of the local University Serhij regularly attends different departments the DOUNB Library. Besides, he is keen on improving his knowledge of the English language and is an activist of the Gabfest English speaking Club. Among Serhij’s volunteer help to WOA was a school visit with the presentation "Winter in our city", help with routine activities at the WOA center. Much appreciated was Serhij’s help at the WOA Center during the repair period: he helped to move the furniture and equipment and to clean the office after the repair.
Happy birthday and thanks for your volunteering!

Have a look at more pictures, please

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